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01-12-2018, 05:48   #1
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i sent mssage to mods abt this user vbv_dude given me bad rep as he wishes without no proof or anything ... l have never had a world or chat with this dude but he been wirtteing abusive comment on rep against me for NO REASON pls mods warned user vbv_dude and ask him for proof he we ever even said HI bewteen us or anything of such and l neec his negative abuse words against me off as am sure u ppl are here to ensure everyone gets respected .... if he has the previllage to write comment and for it to just show on a rep why will he use that to abuse other users by written any shit he wishes to write I NEED HIM TO BRING PROOF OF HIM CLAIMING WT HE COMMENT ABT ON MY REP USER vbv_dude
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03-12-2018, 20:25   #2
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Hey ! Sadly the - rep doesnt get removed, its only possible to get the comments removed. To do that you need to post a request over here
Cheers !

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Also banned vbv_dude for two weeks for reputation abuse, maybe that will teach him a lesson
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